Our green nature

Our green nature

Belvedere the Montagnais

  • 87% of the territory is forest.
  • There are 847 lakes in the area of which 14 are larger than 100 hectares.
  • Lake Témiscouata, the most important in the region, is 42 km long and is the second largest lake south of the Saint Lawrence River.
  • More than 30 major rivers criss-cross the territory.
  • A variety of wildlife habitats, including a dozen herds of white tailed deer.
  • 40 species of mammals, over 20 species of fish, and numerous reptiles and amphibians.
  • Bird watchers can observe 150 species of birds, including several kinds of birds of prey such as the Bald Eagle.
  • The flora includes more than 360 species of which 30 are considered rare.
  • So far 51 archaeological sites have been identified, some over 10,000 years old.

Our green activities

Water Trail

  • 13 beaches with excellent water quality.
  • 2 golf courses in enchanting surroundings (one 18 and one 9 hole).
  • Over 144km of hiking trails on the National Hiking trail (lower St. Lawrence section).
  • 134 km of cycle paths, with rest stops and breathtaking views on the famous Petit Témis.
  • Over 300 km of navigable waterways.
  • More than 85 km of cross-country skiing trails as well as 100 km of snow shoeing trails for winter sports enthusiasts.