Nature observation and interpretation

There is so much to discover in Témiscouata where 87% of the territory is forest. There are more than 847 lakes of which 14 are larger than 100 hectares, including Lake Témiscouata which is 42 km long (the second largest lake south of the Saint Lawrence River).  More than 30 major rivers criss-cross the territory.

There is a wide variety of wildlife habitats, including a dozen herds of white tailed deer. More than 40 species of mammals, over 20 species of fish, and numerous reptiles and amphibians can be found. Bird watchers can observe 150 species of birds, including several kinds of birds of prey such as the Bald Eagle. Last but not least the flora includes more than 360 species of which 30 are considered rare. Not forgetting the 51 archaeological sites that have been identified so far, some over 10,000 years old.