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Laplante Atelier d'Art

Seasonal - Summer Seasonal - Winter

63, rue Caldwell
Témiscouata-sur-le-Lac , (Quebec)
G0L 1E0

Telephone: 418 854-0318 ou 418 866-0398 
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Painter, somewhere between abstract and representational, depending on the way you look.

There is no in-depth research involved in the creation of my works. There are always outrageous and grandiose characters that refuse to bow to any dictates.

They have the audacity, composure and self-assurance that I will never have. They are almost insolent. They literally hit me when they came into being. They have marked out my path and carried the banner, so that I will never forget. They are true sentinels. " Fireflies on a high" to use the poetry of my daughter. If I am still slightly crouching, it is to better take flight on my "pilgrimage of initiation".


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Opening period:

All year round by reservation only.
"Every single day, but only when the light is there"