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Circuit des croix de chemin de Saint-Athanase

6081, chemin de l'Église
St-Athanase, (Quebec)
G0L 2L0

Telephone: 418 863-7706 
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  • Circuit des croix de chemin de Saint-Athanase
  • St-Athanase cross St-Athanase cross


"Les 4 Athanase et Les Vertus Retrouvées" is a thematic circuit of roadside crosses which pays tribute to four men named Athanase. These men made their mark on the history of either Christianity worldwide or the culture of Quebec, or both. Each one of the four Athanase was a remarkable person who became a leader and innovator of his time. While on the circuit you will discover why the village of Saint-Athanase is so called.

But there is also a spiritual dimension to this unusual circuit of roadside crosses, where we rediscover virtues that are all too often lost or forgotten in the modern world. Each of the four accompanying interpretive panels refers to theological, fundamental, intellectual, moral and traditional monastic virtues.

The plant used as an emblem is Lychnis chalcedonica, commonly known as a Maltese or Jerusalem Cross, a symbol of the eight beatitudes set out by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount.