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Hunting and fishing

Association Chasse et Pêche du Témiscouata

Seasonal - Summer

C.P. 5074,
Témiscouata-sur-le-Lac, (Quebec)
G0L 1E0

Telephone: 418 551-0903 
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Ice Fishing Tournament
Our annual ice fishing tournament, this year including a family component, will take place on Saturday March 16 at the Cabano marina. Anglers will be able to enjoy their favourite sport everywhere on Lake Témiscouata, as long as they respect the 3 metre maximum depth rule. Angler's holes will be stocked in the morning. In the afternoon, children 12 years and under will be able to fish for free and take their catch home with them. Prizes and awards will be given at the end of the tournament.
Regional Tournament.
This is our opening tournament of the grey and brook trout fishing season on Lake Témiscouata. This event is primarily for local people. Registration will be on the day of the tournament, Saturday 18 May 2013 from 6 am at the Cabano marina. Prizes and awards will be given at the end of the tournament.

Provincial Tournament
The 2013 provincial tournament will see some changes and we are hoping that it will become one of the most important in Québec. To accomplish this we have a major sponsor, J.A. St Pierre and sons and Propac. The Provincial Grey and Brook Trout fishing Tournament, now in its 45th year, will take place entirely on majestic Lake Témiscouata, June 22 and 23. You can register at the marquee on the sandy beach next to the federal quay on Friday 21 or Saturday 22 from 6 am. Alternatively you will be able to register online on a website which will be available soon. Last year more than 150 anglers took part in Cabano. Moreover, we will take this opportunity to stock the Lake Témiscouata with $5,200 worth of 8-10 inch brook trout.
Antlers tournament
Pre-registration tickets for deer and moose hunting are for sale from August on. Tickets are available from members of the board of directors and also from J.A St Pierre and sons, Cabano. Antlers should be taken to the taxidermist Regent Michaud in Cabano to be measured, and the registration forms for females and young deer can be deposited in a box at J.A St Pierre's.

Description of the Association
The Témiscouata Hunting and Fishing Association (ACPT) is a non-profit organization, incorporated by notary in Rivière-du-Loup, March 1971, which now has 150 paid up members. Our board of directors is made up of a president, a vice-president, a secretary-treasurer and 5 board members. We meet about ten times a year to plan activities and ensure the smooth functioning of the Association. The ACPT is a member of the Fédération Québécoise des Chasseurs et Pêcheurs.

Goals and Objectives
The goals of our association are written into our constitution and are in line with those advocated by the Fédération Québécoise des Chasseurs et Pêcheurs. Our principal objectives are as follows:
• To promote and encourage fishing and sports hunting in a way that respects the current laws, especially to young people
• Defend the interests of hunters and fishermen as well as our members
• Develop responsible behaviour as much toward habitat and environment as to the places where hunting activities take place
Principal activities of the Association in 2013
The principal activities of the Association are focused on three specific fronts.
Firstly, to ensure the sustainability of our wildlife resources; secondly, to identify strategies which take measures aiming to develop young people's interest; and finally, to organise hunting and fishing tournaments.

Antler competition
Zone 2 hunters organised a meeting on January 19 for our first activity of the year. In fact, a large part of the work began in August 2012, namely ticket sales, searching for sponsors, and measuring the antlers. The evening took place at the Municipal Pavilion, Cabano, in the form of a competition, aiming to reward the skill of the hunters taking part. We began with the registration of fire arm hunters and archers for deer and moose hunting alike. Prizes and awards were given to the winners of various categories. Antlers were measured in the week following the close of the deer hunting season, using the method of measurement of the records club described by the magazine Sentier Chasse et Pêche . For hunting females and young deer, lots are drawn. As well as rewarding new hunters, we envisage attracting hunters from other zones and the introduction of black powder hunting in 2014.