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Sentier pédestre de Saint-Eusèbe

110, Deschamps
St-Eusèbe, (Quebec)
G0L 2Y0

Telephone: 418 899-2762
Fax: 418 899-0194 
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  • Sentier pédestre de Saint-Eusèbe
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The St-Eusèbe walking trail, situated very near to Le Jardin Céleste (The Celestial Garden), takes you on a trip through nature.

This educational trail forms a loop 3.2km long through the forest, where you can learn to recognize over a hundred varieties of trees and plants. At the top of the mountain, 433 metres above sea level, you will discover a small example of our planet's topography. Our mountains are part of the Appalachians and the area around Saint-Eusébe is nicknamed ‘The Jewel of the Appalachians'. The contours were shaped by the glaciers which covered them several times in the last 2 million years. The last ice age in our region ended a little over 10,000 years ago.
The trail passes through a cedar grove and sugar bush and ends in a plantation of poplars. Several trees along the trail were sponsored by individuals and much of the work was done by volunteers from Saint-Eusèbe.

To make the most of your walk and learn more about the trees that have been planted, get a copy of the book ‘'Petite flore forestière du Québec'', by Raymond Rouleau et al, Publications du Québec, 2nd edition, 1990. The plate numbers correspond to those in the book.

Approximate time: 1 hour.