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PÜR Fusion SPA

1712, chemin Guérette
Pohénégamook, (Quebec)
G0L 1J0

Telephone: 418 859-1111 
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Thermal baths in the heart of a deeryard in Pohénégamook.

You will be rejuvenated in this magical place between mountains and lake with its:
• open air hot vapor baths
• Finnish saunas with hot stones and eucalyptus
• the icy waters of Nordic Waterfalls
• enticing wood fires,the feeling of complete escape

A unique experience in the Lower Saint Lawrence, our Dermalife Spa Jet is a multi-sensory capsule that combines the benefits of water massage with that of steam, infrared heat, aromatherapy and relaxing music.

Lean back and relax in the expert hands of our certified therapists, or enjoy our exclusive body care treatments.

A ritual of relaxation to be enjoyed without moderation...


Other information

To add to your enjoyment, why not stay in our magnificent condotel on the edge of Lake Pohénégamook.
You will be delighted with the high quality, the many amenities and the more than affordable prices of Richard's Condotels, which are connected to the Pohénégamook resort Santé Plein Air 2.0.
With huge windows overlooking the lake, you will be awed and charmed by the view, whatever the season. All you need is your suitcase to come and experience some unforgettable moments.